The word ‘distance’ has become the watchword in recent times. Covid19 continues to set the pace for living in the World today.

The Pandemic has not only occasioned pains, but has occasioned gains as well. There is an awakening to virtual studying.

I know Nigerians who preferred to have the face-to-face classes/coaching and regarded such Certificates as superior to one from an online course.

COVID19 and the Lockdown are Game Changers indeed. With many stuck in their homes, the internet is becoming a key resort for income yielding activities as well as new knowledge to sharpen skills and remain or gain additional relevance post Covid 19.

I have found myself appreciating online study too. Hitherto, I never cared much about it and considered face-to-face lessons as more impactful.

With the uncertainties around the lockdown and halt/limitation of movement, I was not sure how I would cope with work when all this chaos and disruption to my normal is over. Would I find that a lot had happened in the World while I was at home. Would the World have moved on thanks to technological advancement precipitated by the occurrence of the Pandemic? I feared the worst; I may be returning with less efficiency in the new normal.

Thanks to some encouragement from my M. D. (oh, she never stopped talking about the benefits of online study), I took up the challenge. It was about time.

I enrolled for a Diploma in Marketing Management online. It was, indeed, the eye opener. The classes are videos I could pause, stop, rewind, forward, sleep over and return to, yes, it was that flexible.

I had some cool looking Tutors who had the easiest to understand approach, and it was exciting.

I am glad I took this route because it has been so worth it. Many online courses are free and just as impactful and as relevant as face-to-face coaching.

You should consider taking some for self-development as well as for greater relevance in the post Pandemic era. I certainly intend to take several more before this is all over.


Written By: Elizabeth Onoja

Senior Research Executive

Deep Dive Research Limited